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fall 2o19 

Well, shoot. A lot of changes have occurred in this schedule. Lots coming up, just wasn't able to nail it down exactly. Apologies for rescheduling on Comedy Loft DC and Des Moines. Also, I'm missing some things below...but I'm on it!

Oct 4, Friday: Alfred, New York at Alfred University, Powell Campus Center, The Knight Club 8 p.m.

Oct 10-13, ST LOUIS, MO. The Funny Bone.  Please come see me and get your tix at https://www.stlouisfunnybone.com  My husband Tim Harmston Mr Connie Dugan Hockey Mom will be special guest. 

Nov 1, Mpls, MN. Rush Creek Golf Club. "Comedy Night at Rush Creek" w/ Tim Harmston and me...  Please grab your tix at  http://rushcreek.com/golf/ecom_v2/ecom.php   -Was a little hard to find this, but it's under the club calendar way down at the end of our bio. Or just click that link above or call the club. Don't mean to be bossy. Also, they have good food!  oooh, this link might be easier: https://www.facebook.com/events/1694432664027608/

Nov 2, Mpls, MN FUNDRAISER FOR MN SPAY & NEUTER. (mn SNAP) This is the super fancy FURRY-TAIL BALL night with swanky dinner and all kinds of entertainment. To the nines.  I do one 15 minute part of a bigger really cool show!  $150 general admission and the donors go up from there. Big ol' charity ball. Thanks to the generosity of those supporting folks.  https://mnsnap.org/tickets-now-available-to-the-furrytail-ball/

Nov 8, Eau Claire, WI  The Plus downtown, 8 p.m. Ticket link and info: https://www.facebook.com/events/995558134122728/

Nov. 9, Minocqua, WI--The Waters of Minocqua, 8 p.m. or Dinner and show starts 6:30 p.m. More info here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/483856455739444/ ​

November, December, January, February Company Parties: I do a lot of clean shows for "companies that don't hurt the earth that bad." If you would like me to come and tell jokes at your office/company party you can either get ahold of me or GLBerg.com .  

OTHER CITIES I'LL BE AT COMING UP in 2020 INCLUDE Seattle WA, Springfield MO, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV and Wisconsin Dells! 

MORE DATES TO FILL IN BUT I GOTTA FIND WHERE I WROTE THEM DOWN.  oh brother it's hard to come out of the woods...

New CD Mrs. Taco Man is now available for download on all those download sites. If you listen on Pandora, please gimme a thumbs up--I guess it really matters to get more play and payment. Also! Rent my clean comedy video special "Mary Mack: All Ages" on VidAngel.com! It's cheap!  https://www.vidangel.com/movie/mary-mack 

*You'll hate my twitter--I vent about politics, etc.

 The other ones are harmless.

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