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FUN STUFF COMING UP. Sticking closer to home as I figure out care for my mom and my brother. HOWEVER, I have a bunch of content being edited now and will hopefully be able to connect with you awesome folks who aren't located in the upper midwest.

through this online content. There will be a livestream ticket option in August for the Big Top Chautauqua Show and I'll see if that's an option for some other venues. Starting to miss the faces of you folks who don't live around here!!

Our last season of North Star Comedy Hour will be released as a podcast AND as videos...We can sneak out some excerpts though on IG, youtube, and FB! (North Star Comedy Hour has a facebook page if you haven't liked/followed it yet. Really appreciate everyone's support!


May 2, 2024: Eau Claire, WI at The Plus. Tickets Click here

May 3  Janesville, WI comedy fest-AT THE GRAVITY BOX BREWERY

MAY 4 Janesville, WI comedy fest AT THE COMEDY CABIN

May 17: Faribault, MN at the Paradise Theater w/ hubby Tim Harmston! 

Mary 23-26: Vail, CO Vail Comedy Fest Venues Tickets click here!  It may be a pass for the entire fest.

June 8: Hayward, WI at The Park Center Theater

June 14-15: Madison, WI: FREE  in the tent at Central Park. I host these rated pg13 comedy shows for The Pursuit of Happiness: Music, Comedy & Food trucks. It's a "Mary Mack Presents" set of comedy nights!

JULY 11: DICKINSON, ND outside in the square around 8pm

July 27: Janesville, MINNESOTA not St. Joes Parish. Come whoop it up at the Catholic Chuch LOL... I love it.

Aug. 10: Hayward, WI The Park Center 7:30 p.m.

Aug 24: Bayfield, WI, Big Top Chautauqua 7:30 p.m.

Sept 7: Green Lake, WI, Thrasher Opera House some point I will be doing shows outside the upper midwest again, I swear.

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THE SOCIAL MEDIUM  please note: I can't get messages on's broken.

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