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Winter/spring 2o20 

CANCELED-March 18:  Los Angeles Genghis Cohen, North Star Comedy Hour (the variety show we record for later podcast)  7:30 p.m. $5 in advance, $10 at door 

CANCELED March 19: San Diego, CA Tiger Tiger Comedy Show

CANCELED March 20: San Diego, CA at Quartyard www.quartyardsd.com 7 PM $5 or free if Rsvp before 7 on their website.

CANCELED March 27/28: SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI at Blue Room. see www.blueRoomComedyClub.com

April 3: Cross Lake MN PTO fundraiser. more info coming

MAY BE CANCELED April 4 MINNEAPOLIS EAGLES CLUB 1 P.M. North Star COMEDY/VARIETY HOUR. A show I host and record live featuring poets, comics, songwriters, mayhem. tickets: $10 please check back about cancellation.


April 9: Los Angeles North Star Comedy Hour-- Molly Malones on Fairfax 7:30 pm $5 in Advance, $10 at door

April 30: Oshkosh Opera House Donor party

May 1:  HOLCOMBE, WI at Paradise Shores 4 Resort, 6 p.m. if dinner and show, 7 p.m. if just show,  26364 Cnty M. 

May 6: Johnnies Bar, River Falls WI 

May 8: Shell Lake, WI In the old theater in the woods place. For the arts school. More info coming.

May 9: Friendship, WI fundraiser

May 28-31: Chicago, IL Downtown Zanies comedy club

July 25 - UFO Days Elmwood WI in the bar.


More dates added soon:)

Latest CD Mrs. Taco Man is now available for digital download on all those download sites like iTunes and amazon...you don't even have to wait for the mailman. You can probably gift someone a digital download. What no! Yes, and if you listen on Pandora, please gimme a thumbs up--I guess it really matters to get more play and payment. Also! Rent my clean comedy video special "Mary Mack: All Ages" on VidAngel.com! It's cheap!  https://www.vidangel.com/movie/mary-mack 

*You'll hate my twitter--I vent about politics, etc.

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