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 St. Louis, Worthington, Ann Arbor, MPLS, Batavia, Janesville, Madison etc.


October 14, WORTHINGTON, MN: Memorial Auditorium

KICKING OFF THE PEACE, LOVE, AND CHEESE CURDS TOUR...and I'm bringing my amazing friends Sherlonda Sharp & Jodie Maruska! You will absolutely love them. This is a clean show...well PG13 I guess if we say the S word...nooooooooo.Where's the soap!? Tickets click here!

October 18, Janesville, WI:  Comedy Cabin


OCTOBER 19-22, St. Louis (St. Charles) MO: FUNNYBONE ST. CHARLES...FUN CLUB WITH GREAT RESTAURANTS ALL AROUND... St. Charles is the origination point for the Louis & Clark expedition way back when..the museum is pretty cool. Lots of cobblestones and salads with strawberries and a very fancy Aldi!!!

October 25, St. Paul, MN: Fitzgerald Theater --MOTH GRAND SLAM. I'm telling a 5 minute story as part of a story telling show for

the super fun Moth show...which has a time slot on public radio... I hope my story makes it on air! 


OCTOBER 28, MARION (Cedar Rapids), IA: Giving Tree Theater!


NOVEMBER 1ST, BATAVIA, IL: The Comedy Vault on a Wednesday!

NOVEMBER 2-4, ANN ARBOR, MI: Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase,

NOVEMBER 5, ILLINOIS....Working on another IL date!

NOVEMBER 8-11, MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Acme Comedy Club (album recording!!) 708 n. 1st street, Mpls;

NOVEMBER 25, MINNEAPOLIS: NOT Stand up comedy but a live table reading of a script I wrote with my writing

partner Susan Sandberg! There will be a cast of 10 talented actors reading this script. We need some feedback, so I hope you will come!! 2 "showings." More info sooooon!

DECEMBER 31, Kenosha, WI...Part of the NYE multi-performance spectacular sponsored by Kenosha's Happening Magazine!  More info soon or else see the Happenings Mag website.  Wyndham Garden Kenosha Harborside Hotel...Very reasonable rates available if you want to be safe and stay. Dining avail in the hotel or across the street! They might even have a dinner package with all the shows AT THE HOTEL!

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