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Mary's 2022 Album Perm Day


THE NEW CD "PERM DAY" CAN BE PURCHASED ANYWHERE YOU DOWNLOAD MUSIC! (although, I'm extremely confused as to where all my apple purchases ever went...



Mary Mack Comedy Album Mrs. Taco Man
Mrs. Taco Man
5th Album Mrs Taco Man! The CD is up on iTunes & other download sites since 2019!
Mary Mack Comedy Album Pig Woman on Stand up records
PIG Woman


Mary Mack, Pig Woman. This is Mary Mack's most recent album, released in 2015.


Purchase and download PIG Woman from the links below.  Hard copies are available from Electric Fetus, Amoeba, Exclusive Company,

Mr. Zero's, or from Mary after her shows!

Pinch Finger Girl A Tragedomedy


Mary's second public album. Just a few hard copies of this one are left for sale at, or you can download below. 

Mary Mack comedy album Pinch Finger Girl
Mary Mack comedy album Either You Wake Up or you Don't with some musical comedy and spoken bits
Either You Wake Up Or You Don't


First public album. Probably no hard copies left, but here's the digital download sites!

Happy Father's Day - Single

Mary Mack wrote this Father's Day song a few years ago for mandolin and voice and crowd, and she finally learned how to use the computer to put it on as a single.

Mary Mack musical comedy single available on
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