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North Star Comedy Hour --the variety show is back Thursday March 30, 2023! Live taping in NE MPLS!  Tickets Click Here!

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art by Trevour Meyer

New CD, "Perm Day," is available to purchase here: 


It's also on iTunes, but it's too hard to figure out how to buy it.

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New T-Shirts available!

Cotton/Poly mix in Unisex sizes s-xxl.
This unisex is bigger than most unisex. Printed locally in St. Paul, MN. $25 plus $5 shipping...just email me via the contact form above!
Browse my Albums! There's 5 at least - that's 5 gifts for friends or strangers. Click the seed art below:
The 2019 album Mrs Taco Man is up on amazon to buy much more easily than iTunes:
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