Wilmington, NC added! Oct 29-30

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Des Moines     & OMAHA    NOV 2-3, 2021  TIX AT WWW.FUNNYBONE.com
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Buy tix for my Nov 17 Southern California
Brea Improv Show Here:

I'm the least fancy person on their website and I have to try harder. Specifically if you are a midwest transplant down there who still likes going to the dump, please especially buy a ticket. You are my target market.


Solar Opposites Holiday Special coming out soon!!  (I'm the one with the bow.)

TO BUY THE special covid edition BOOTLEG CD DOWNLOAD:
You can donate what you want to my PayPal (marymackcomedy@yahoo.com) or Venmo (maryMackComedy)--say you want a bootleg cd and I send ya a code to download! If you have no money just promise to buy tix to a show sometime down the road ;) Also working on a new line of T-shirts and a STORE where you can get them.
Browse my Albums! There's 5 at least - that's 5 gifts for friends or strangers. Click the seed art below:
The 2019 album Mrs Taco Man is up on iTunes or other digital download sites: https://music.apple.com/us/album/mrs-taco-man/1458512551
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